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Comments on Pei-Pei Champion

An Open Letter to PeiPei Champion 

From Media:

“Champion Chinese has taken the difficulty out of learning Chinese -this centuries-old language.”                                                                                                                      
Mark Jahne
West Hartford Life


“Champion BoPoMo & Hanyu Pinyin/ Champion Chinese Sounding Systems & Pronunciation has set a new standard in world's Chinese language teaching and learning. What Ms. Champion is doing is very important!”                                                       
Warren Iwasa
Hawaii Herald


Ms. Champion's lively and effective program and her determination inspire all the Chinese language educators to rethink about the importance and value of traditional phonetic Zhuyin/ BoPoMo sounding system and traditional Chinese characters. Her usage of Zhuyin symbols as both sounding symbols and basic character components provides a short-cut to the teaching and learning of both traditional and simplified character. The policy makers in American school systems need to also rethink their Chinese language policy. Their every move and decision will tremendously influence our future generations and affect the survival of Chinese, this beautiful and valuable language and Chinese culture.                                                                                          
The Epoch Times


Pei-Pei Champion has made the teaching and learning of Zhuyin/ BoPoMo fun, easy and fast!                                                                                                                               
Mandarin Daily


From Government Officials:

“Back to the 60's I was the founder of the Asian Studies Department at the Seton Hall University. With the support of the Canegie Foundation and the U.S. Office of Education, I obtained a grant to invite Mr. John De Frances and Mr. Fred Wang to compile twelve volumes of Chinese language textbooks in Pinyin and simplified characters. The Defense Language Institute of the United States has been using my materials for teaching. I don't want what materials they are using now. I think Ms. Champion's method and material will help Chinese language students greatly. It is highly worthwhile to invite her to meet with you and ask her to give you a demonstration on her teaching method…I am glad to see that Pei-Pei is willing to shoulder the responsibility of the reform in Chinese characters. I will always stand by her and encourage her to keep up her good work!”   
John B. Tsu, Ph.D.
Former Chairman of White House, President's Advisory Commission
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders


I take great pride to recommend Pei-Pei to any Educational policy makers, schools administrators, teachers, parents and students. Pei-Pei's enthusiasm and determination in saving, preserving and promoting the Chinese language and culture deeply move people's hearts. Her passion, her loyalty and courage to stick to the principle of being a responsible educator deserve the world's attention, respect and support. She does not just raise the issue; she works hard to provide an answer and resolution. We need people like Pei-Pei who can foresee the trend, cares about our younger and future generations, the future of a very important and valuable ancient written language which is still very commonly in use as Pei-Pei stated. We should all stand up to try to save, preserve and promote it. Her determination and passion in helping children is a model for all of us.  
Lily Lee Chen
Former Mayor
The Monterey Park, California


I thank Ms. Champion for all her devotion and efforts on preserving and promoting Chinese traditional characters and Chinese culture. I take great pleasure to invite her back to Taiwan to share her program with the local Chinese language teachers.         
Ying-Jiu Ma
Taiwan, the R.O.C.


To pass-down Chinese heritage and culture to the world’s future generations, we have to save and sustain Chinese traditional characters. To save and sustain the Chinese traditional characters, people have to save and promote the teaching and learning of Zhuyin system which provide a short-cut to learn the sounding, reading and writing of Chinese traditional characters (even the simplified ones). Pei-Pei Champion has set the world’s new standard in teaching and learning not only the Zhuyin system, but the Chinese language. Her program not only demonstrates us a fabulous model of teaching and learning second languages, but provide the world’s people a new way of  approaching Chinese culture and heritage.                                                                           
Tong-Hsing Cheng
Chief Secretary
Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission of Taiwan, the R.O.C.


It is very sad that there are very few Japanese young people who will make effort to learn the traditional Kanji nowadays. They think that it is too difficult. I hope that you will succeed and that you will not only help Chinese people but Japanese people to learn the characters easily. I believe that your creation will pioneer the world’s Chinese language education and influence the whole world. I wish you success and all the best.                                      
Mrs. George R. Ariyoshi
Former First Lady
Hawaii, the United States


From Professionals:

“I heartily agree with the statement expressed in your letter to ACTFL that we should ‘find a way to make both traditional and the so-called "reformed" materials available, fun, easy to teach and learn.’ The fact for Westerners is that we have to learn both traditional and the ‘simplified’ characters in order to keep abreast of developments in both Taiwan and the P.R.C..”

The main advantages for foreigners to learn bopomofo is that: “In Taiwan some publications, including newspapers, print the characters with superimposed bopomofo, so that when one looks at a character one simultaneously looks at its pronunciation. This has been of tremendous help to some Western scholars I know who wanted to learn both to speak and to read Chinese.. In a sense it’s two for the price of one! And it’s an advantage not possessed by Pinyin.”                                                                                   
John DeFrancis, Ph.D.
University of Hawaii


“In my many years of preparing future teachers, I can honestly say that I have never encountered anyone with as much natural ability for teaching children language. Pei-Pei Champion is a truly gifted woman. Her style of teaching, her innovation, her excitement, and her dedication to helping children learn is outstanding. She has developed a unique system for teaching Chinese to children that uses multiple intelligences. Children are totally involved in this process, and the result is that they learn quickly and retain what they have learned.”                                                                                                             
Miller, Ph.D.
Chair, Division of Education,
University of Hartford, Connecticut


“I take great pride in writing on behalf of Pei-Pei Champion. Having served as Mrs. Champion’s classroom teacher and academic adviser, I recommend her to fellow educators with complete confidence and highest enthusiasm. Pei-Pei Champion stands out among the most articulate, insightful, and energetic students I have worked with in thirty years of college teaching... Her published teaching materials convince me that her methods are firmly rooted in well-established principles of "whole language" learning. At the same time, Mrs. Champion has enlivened this approach with creative exercises and activities designed to tap a wide variety of learning styles and multiple intelligences. Her teaching methods and materials are innovative, reliable, and classroom tested. Her ideas deserve the widest possible attention among educators and publishers in the field of Chinese language instruction. Indeed, teachers and students of any language, including English, will find much to learn in her pioneering work.”                                
William L. Stull, Ph.D.
Professor and Co-Chair of English,
University of Hartford, Connecticut


Pei-Pei's program is not only remarkably "/kuai"-fast, but extraordinarily “/huo”-lively, and it makes teachers, parents and, most of all, students extremely “快活/kuai-huo”-happy!                                                                                                                  
Cheng-Zhi Chu, Ph.D.
Professor, Chinese Language
University of Davis, California


“We were lucky enough to find Pei-Pei who breathed new life into the program. She threw herself into her work with an energy rarely seen. She had students singing songs, playing games in Chinese, and generally working hard. Her enthusiasm was infectious, and she taught me some Chinese as well.”                                                                     
Daniel A. Heller, Ph.D.
Former Principal
Metropolitan Learning Center, Bloomfield, Connecticut


“I was impressed by her commitment to education and enthusiasm toward language teaching. I was very pleased to see a young teacher such as Pei-Pei so determined and devoted to Chinese Language instruction. She has accomplished a lot!”                      
Wei-Ling Wu
Instructor, Chinese Language
University of Pennsylvania


This unique program is so creative and effective that it enables teachers introduce either only one or both of the most popular Chinese sounding systems (Zhuyin symbols and Hanyu Pinyin) lively, easily and effectively. What amazes people is that even if the instructor/s chooses/choose to teach only one of the systems, students "unconsciously" will understand and learn the other system as well. Instructor/s can also use this program as the first bilingual material to teach Zhu-Yin symbols and review (or teach) the English alphabet or to teach people who know one of the sounding systems, but not the other.  
Pei-Rong Huang, Ph.D.
Professor, Chinese Language Study
National Taiwan University, National Normal University, Taiwan


Although the Zhuyin phonetic system and traditional characters have their irreplaceable value in Chinese language acquisition, one of the frequent criticisms of the Zhuyin system and traditional characters is that they are seen as difficult and time-consuming to learn. Mrs. Champion brought us her program for teaching this material which utilizes the concept of multiple intelligences and makes the learning process painless and even fun. This is a program will pioneer the new stage of Chinese language education.     
Fong-Liang Fan, M.D.
Principal, Tzu Chi Academy
Executive Director, Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu-Chi Foundation, Honolulu, Hawaii


From Students’ Parents :

“My young son Andrew is studying Chinese in Mrs. Champion’s class. I have had a very unusual chance to observe her in action. She uses props and toys, singing and movement to catch the children’s attention. She is a dynamic and enthusiastic teacher.”               
Paul J, Best, Ph. D.
Professor, Political Science
Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven


“Chinese language classes have been viewed by the majority of the students as a very dull and boring class. Mrs. Champion transformed a ‘boring’ class into an interesting and enjoyable class for her students. Her versatile teaching aids and materials incorporate one could imagine – coloring, connecting, cutting, pasting, counting, matching, painting, writing, reading, singing, dancing, games,, and plays.”                   
Mei Rogus


“Pei-Pei has changed our lives. In one week (5 hours total), she spent a total of only about 80 minutes teaching Christine (four-and-half years old) the sounding systems. The rest of the time involved mostly singing and playing games. I later learned that our local Chinese school devotes a full year to learning just the BoPoMo system!

She has taught Christine the fundamentals of the Chinese language, and engrained in her a passion and love for learning Chinese. Christine and Catherine-my younger daughter love to listen to Pei-Pei's cassette tapes and CDs. In fact, when we get in the car, the first thing they say is "I want the Chinese tape!”

Not being an educator myself, I was impressed how easily I was able to learn her teaching method after only a few hours of study.

Pei-Pei' method of teaching uses a highly effective form of mnemonics, that very simply appeals to children. Her talents and success stem from her own creativity and love of children. Pei-Pei is an incredibly dedicated, kind, and enthusiastic individual-a true gift to our culture. We look forward to more of her tapes, and strongly encouraging Christine’s future Chinese teachers to adopt Pipe’s methods.                                      
Helen K. Chen, M.D.
Daughter of Mrs. Lily Lee Chen (former Mayor of Monterey Park, California)


“Learning from Pei-Pei and her materials was fun, effortless, and one of the joys of Allegra's childhood. For a while, Allegra asked that we only speak Mandarin at home. Fortunately, her dad and I were able to learn some Mandarin easily from Pei-Pei's materials so we could respond to her in Mandarin.

Allegra used to wait for her Mandarin classes with Pei-Pei. I think that the 5 days between the end of one week's classes and the start for the next week's classes stretched long for her. I still remember her telling me “Oh, Mommy, I am so happy! It's the weekend the weekend! And do you do you know why I am so happy? Because it is almost Monday, and time for Ms. Pei-Pei's Mandarin classes!!!”

Pei-Pei instilled such a love of the language in Allegra that even though she has not had lessons for nearly a year, she still loves to sing the Chinese Alphabet song and read Chinese character/ vocabulary/idiom texts, much liked my friends used to read comic books.

Listening to Pei-Pei's childen-song-tape is a special treat. We listen to it to celebrate a great day of lessons or to overcome disappointments, or for the sheer pleasure on glorious mornings.

What a joy Allegra has known because of Pei-Pei! Allegra will also be better prepared to do well in the 21st Century, as my husband and I are sure that Mandarin is going to be a critical second language to know in the century! What a gift that Ms. Champion has given to us!”                                                                                                              
Michele Matsuo, Esq.


“I have been taking one-hour weekly lessons with Mrs. Champion for the past few years. I have made more progress in the first two hours with Mrs. Champion than I had made in two years of study with my past college program. Mrs. Champion is a natural born artist and story-teller.  She has the unique ability to connect words/characters into a fascinating stories and present them to her audience in a very easy to understand and memorize manner. 

Most people have great difficulty in the initial stages of Chinese due to the tonal nature of the language. They often grow frustrated and give up.  Mrs. Champion’s innovative teaching methods get people through this difficult transition in a painless way and allow them to begin speaking, reading and writing Chinese almost immediately.

Ellie doesn’t think she is having a Chinese language lesson.  She is just having fun, drawing, singing, playing and even eating, and then, she starts speaking and writing Chinese in very advanced sentence structures.”                                                                                                                      
Imelda Suit                                                                                                   
Director of Financial Planning & Reporting                                                                                         
Otis, United Technologies Corp.                                                                           


“Our children spoke no Chinese before enrolling in Mrs. Champion’s class. Since then we have seen tremendous progress in a mere six months. She utilizes various methodologies to reinforce the fundamentals of the Chinese language in terms the children can comprehend and remember. She also demonstrates her uncanny ability to relate to the children and make learning Chinese a fun experience for non-native speakers.”                                                                                                                     
Elizabeth and David Yu


“My six-year-old daughter Melody did not like to go to local Chinese language school. I assumed that simplified characters and Pinyin should be easier than traditional characters and Zhuyin for Melody, and signed her up for the classes. Melody cried and claimed that she had stomachache every Friday to avoid going to Chinese school on Saturday. I was very happy to witness that she enjoyed Mrs. Champion’s class. Melody screamed out of joy during the classes, and, most of all, she has learned and retained the materials. Although I do not have any knowledge about Zhuyin and traditional characters, through Mrs. Champion’s classes, I understand that Melody would be able to learn her Chinese much easier and happier. I support what Mrs. Champion is doing. I recommend Champion Chinese program to all policy makers, teachers, parents and students.”      
May Chen
Parent from mainland China


From Students:

“This is the first time I feel like I am a live soldier in a Chinese classroom. Ms. Champion has made this very difficulty language very interesting and easy to adapt to.” Soldier                                                                                                                                   
Schofield Barracks at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii


Mrs. Champion has a remarkable way to help students enjoy and memorize the materials. She told stories and she sang and danced with students. Although it has been years since she left the school, when it comes to quizzes, many students still check and study the materials and notes she prepared for us.                                                                              
MLC Magnet School, Bloomfield, Connecticut


“I fell in love with learning the Chinese language and culture during and after my first two hours lesson at West Hartford Continuing Education with Mrs. Champion.  I have never found learning attractive, important and encouraging until I met Mrs. Champion.  I told her that learning with her has been the first time in my life that I find learning fun and useful! I told her that I could study 24/7 with her and still felt extremely happy, satisfied and confident! 

I went to Taiwan and enrolled in one of the most famous language institute to study Mandarin after I had finished my 10 hours group lessons and 10 hours private lessons with Mrs. Champion.  I surprisingly and regretfully found that Mrs. Champion actually had helped me learn and memorized the 40 hours worth of program in Taiwan’s leading language institute in her first two hours interesting and effective lesson!

Mrs. Champion not only teaches the language and culture of China; she instills her students with a great love and passion for a life-long learning.  She has changed many people’s lives for better and for good, including mine!”                                                          
Amy Huang
Student (seventeen-year-old)


“I have just learned, in a casual setting, BoPoMo and Hanyu Pinyin with Mrs. Champion in an hour. Listening to my other family member’s experiences with Chinese school, I find this a much better and effective way to learn. By using pictures and stories, this method of teaching seems to stay in your memory, long term, in a short period of time. This method is very effective especially towards children. This makes learning much more interesting.”                                                                                                           
Amy Huang
Student (seventeen-year-old)


“Although I was not a heavy participant, I witnessed this class’s effect on the student (Amy) and she has learned it in an outstanding fashion. In no time at all she learned all the "PoPoMo" and it made me regret not learning in this fashion. This method is fascinating, curious, and interactive for children to learn efficiently, yet in a fun manner. I enjoyed witnessing this very much.”                                                                                         
Brian Ju
Class observer (seventeen-year-old)


“I have learned and memorized 37 Chinese phonetic symbols ‘Zhuyin/ BoPoMo’ and their individual relationship with English letter/s (Hanyu Pinyin) in 45 minutes after I finished listening to Pei-Pei’s interesting "story telling" while I was enjoying her creative pictures! Her course emphasizes being creative, making it fun and fast, and combining visual, auditory, and kinesthetic exercises-techniques which she skillfully apply. She is an excellent role model of good language instruction.

Her artful manner of teaching greatly impressed me. She has clear objectives, fun exercises, and clever visual and auditory techniques to engage the brain. Added to her skill is her love for the language and for people.”                                                        
Donna Couper, Ph. D.

“It is so fun to learn Chinese from Pei-Pei lao-shi! I like Pei-Pei lao-shi’s class. I want to come to her Chinese class everyday! The stories are fun and they make me laugh and very happy!”                                                                                                                        
Melody (six years old)
Melody’s parents are from mainland China