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Why learning the Chinese language and how you can do it effectively and happily?

Complete & master 1 year Chinese language curriculum of many schools in only 20 to 40 hours using Champion Chinese! 

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2013 Summer Camp private and group classes offered for preschoolers, children, teens, and adults

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A Letter to All Ethical and Caring American People

Our life - span is very limited; however, Chinese history has to continue, and Chinese culture has to live.

The future of this beautiful language and five-thousand-years ancient Chinese culture is in your hands!

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Save the Chinese Language (The Beauty and Crisis of the Chinese Language)

An Extremely Interesting and Effective Way to Learn Chinese

Champion Chinese Language Institute was established in 2006. There are over a hundred pupils at the school. Our aim is to establish a partnership among home and school, so we can not only teach and encourage pupils to learn Chinese language, but also promote Chinese culture.

Despite the accomplishment of a fine system of teaching approaches, textbook compilation, and administrative functions, Champion Chinese Language Institute aims to develop a greater variety of subject matters in the curriculum design, while continuing to improve current teaching materials and adopt new learning tools.

Champion Chinese Language Institute will continue to maintain a harmonious relationship with other Chinese schools and social organizations, in order to strive to promote Chinese instruction in the United States.

"Ms. Champion uses Zhuyin/BoPoMo (37 traditional phonetic, pictographic and ideographic sounding symbols-used by people who have been educated with traditional Chinese script around the world) as the tools to jump-start students' learning of Chinesee pronunciation, and both traditional and simplified Chinese characters. 

While introducing the Zhuyin/BoPoMo symbols using the multiple intelligences pholosiphy based, interesting and effective program (Champion Chinese Sounding Systems and Pronunciation), for students at all ages, the Hanyu Pinyin (Russian-phonic based, Latinized symbols-used by mainland China), the English lower-case letter/s which is/are corrospondent to each individual BoPoMo symbol are introduced as each BoPoMo symbol's individual best friend. 

The complete process successfully introduce Zhuyin/ BoPoMo symbols-the most powerful tools for learning the Chinese pronunciation and both the traditional and simplified characters. At the same time, Ms. Champion helps students naturally and happily learn and master English lower-case letters and Pinyin in only two to five hours. (Primary schools in Taiwan usually take about 55 instruction hours to introduce 37 Zhuyin symbols to the first graders. Schools in China ususally take about 6 month to one years to introduce Pinyin to their young students.)

However, in Champion Chinese Language Institute, students at all age groups usually start sounding out Chinese characters and reading Chinese materials annotated with either one or both of the sounding systems in only two to five hours. 

Ms.Champion also creates a creative system which enable students to utilize Zhuyin symbols as "character elements" to jusmp-start their learning and memorizing of both traditoinal and simplified characters."