About Pei-Pei Champion

Founder, CEO & Principal Teacher Champion Chinese Language Institute Creator, the Champion Chinese Language Program Author, Champion Chinese Sounding Systems & Pronunciation


Private individual and group lessons offered to families, schools, public organizations and private companies (pre-schoolers, children, teens, adults)


 1. Learn through an easier, accelerated process
2. Focus on foundation build-up and conversation
3. Pronounce, read and write Chinese in 3-6 hours
4. Explore China's rich heritage and culture
5. Learn and memorize both the traditional phonetic sounding symbols(Zhuyin/BoPoMo) and Latinized Pinyin symbols in only 2-3 hours.
6. A 1-2 year curriculum at most regular Chinese language schools can be acquired in 20-40 hours at the Champion Chinese Language Institute.
7. Zhuyin symbols are the best tools for learning Chinese pronunciation and are short-cuts for people to quickly master both the traditional and simplified characters.
8. Most ancient and modern Chinese literature, historical, scientific, medical and even musical and art related articles and documents are written and printed in traditional Chinese characters and annotated in Zhuyin/BoPoMo symbols.