2010 Summer Camp in Champion Chinese Language Institute

Do you know that the Chinese language probably is one of the easiest languages to learn?

Of course, only if you use the right tools (using Zhuyin symbols and traditional Chinese characters) and only if you start it right (using Champion BoPoMo & Hanyu Pinyin and Champion Chinese® program series) at the very beginning!

Ms. Pei-Pei Champion, fonder, CEO and principal teacher of Champion Chinese Language Institute, uses her first program in her Champion Chinese® series: Champion BoPoMo & Hanyu Pinyin (also known as Champion Chinese Sounding Systems & Pronunciation) to jump-start students' learning of Chinese pronunciation and speed-up the learning and memorization of both traditional and simplified Chinese characters.

Her approach to teaching and learning the Chinese language will help any Chinese language student acquire about one to two years curriculum offered at most international Chinese language schools or American public schools in only about twenty to forty hours of intensive study. 

Champion Chinese® program produces students that can use Zhuyin symbols to conduct independent studying and researches on both modern and classic and even ancient Chinese printed materials.  People who use Champion Chinese® program will be equipped with fundamental and critical tools to read, write and understand traditional Chinese charactersbeside simplified Chinese characters. 

Please be reminded that the traditional Chinese script has been the standard Chinese script used by world’s people for more than 2000 years.  It is also the only surviving ancient written language still very commonly used by world’s intellects, include well educated Japanese and Korean people.  All classic and ancient and most high level modern literary, philosophical, medical, scientific, historical, and political and music and art related materials have been written and printed in traditional Chinese script and annotated in traditional phonetic Zhuyin/BoPoMo symbols.

Pinyin was originally created by CCP and its Russian alley in 1931 as the tool to Latinized the Chinese language and to extinguish the Chinese characters and Chinese culture.  Simplified Chinese characters were created and put to use in 1956 and have been promoted by CCP right before China ’s Culture Revolution until the present time. 

According to the original speech delivered at a meeting sponsored by the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Consultative Conference in January 10th 1958 by its Chairman Chou En-Lai: “Chinese language will be steadily and vigorously reformed to enable the six hundred million Chinese people to shake off their backward culture state and to achieve greater, faster, better and more economical results in building socialism.” (P.23 Reform of The Chinese Written Language, Foreign Language Press, Peking 1965)

However, the differences between students using Champion Chinese® and other programs are that Pei-Pei Champion’s students usually feel more confident in them themselves.  And, they usually feel comfortable, safe and excited and are happier in the process of learning the language and culture.  They also acquire this so-called “one of the most difficult” language much easier and in a more efficient manner!

Please visit http://championchinese.com or contact Ms. Pei-Pei Champion at peipeichampion@yahoo.com for more information regarding the issues related to the education of the Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Please also kindly forward this video clip to your local media, your family members, friends, colleagues, district school principals, superintendents, district and state policy makers and leaders of both public and private organizations to raise their awareness of this serious global Chinese language issue.

By doing so, you are aiding the survival of five thousand years of ancient Chinese civilizations. You are protecting you and your children’s rights of being educated properly in the Chinese language.  You are equipping yourself and your love ones the critical tools to become impendent thinkers and efficient and responsible global citizens.  You are also protecting the long-term security of the American nation and the true peace of the world.