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Champion Chinese Sounding Systems & Pronunciation ( Foundation Level )

(also know as: Champion BoPoMo & Hanyu Pinyin) by Pei-Pei Champion


Young Children & Teachers' Edition-------(US $15.95)
(Large BoPoMo Picture-Cards in Colors & Teaching Manual)

1.Table of Comparison between the Phonetic Symbols/BoPoMo and the Hanyu Pinyin systems------(short version)
2.Table of Comparison between the Phonetic Symbols/BoPoMo and the Hanyu Pinyin systems------(complete version)
3.BoPoMo Pictures (colored, good for used as flashcards or teaching material either at home or in the classroom)
4.Teachers and parents’ manual (detailed instruction using songs, games and interesting and interactive stories)

Students’ Edition (work books & CDs) ----------( US $22.95)
(2 CDs, Coloring Book for the BoPoMo Pictures, and Make-it-Yourself Booklet Sheets)

1. Table of BoPoMo to Hanyu Pinyin-------------------(short version)
2. Table of BoPoMo to Hanyu Pinyin-------------------(complete version )
3. BoPoMo Pictures (black & white/ student’s workbook, coloring fun)
4. 2 audio CDs (good for self-learning, reviewing and teaching reference)
5. Make-It-Yourself little booklet (35 pages, every page can be made into a booklet which contains a rhyme, coloring pages, cutout figures for role-play activity & is a fun way to drill and learn )

S & H: each copy $5 in the US & Canada                            $10 international

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